Your Wally Lake Fest Quick Reference Guide!

Here are some insights from an 8 year veteran of enjoying Wally Lake Fest!  One of the BIGGEST festivals in the Pocono Mountains!

  1. What is going on during Wally Lake Fest???
    • You can download the full Wally Lake Fest brochure and print it out at home.
    • You can find every event listed on our website for FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY.
    • You can pick up a brochure at the visitor’s center when you arrive to WLF, and there’s some at every shuttle stop, local businesses, the vendor fairs and beyond.
    • Facebook has every event listed and will post a “heads up” just prior to the start of each event.
  2. I heard the Boat Parade was cancelled, what’s that mean?
    • While the Boat Parade was a signature event of the festival, it wont have a big impact on your ability to enjoy Wally Lake Fest.  At just one, short event across a weekend there are 60 other listed events around town to enjoy.  AND Wallypalooza will still be taking place on the floating stage right in front of the Tafton Dike all day long!
    • If you’re interested in entering a boat in next year’s Boat Parade we ask that you shout it from the roof tops and let us know early on.  It was a seeming lack of participation that led us (and our great sponsor Chant Realty) to cancel the event for this year.
  3. Where can I park and get around?
    • Glad you asked.  There are plenty of designated parking areas around the festival.  Try the High School, or the Brookfield Environmental Learning Center, or head downtown into Hawley, or over at the Hawley Silk Mill.  Our FREE shuttle buses are running all day Saturday and Sunday till 5.  Check out the Wally Lake Fest brochure for designated parking areas, shuttle bus stops and shuttle schedule!
  4. What else?
    • Wear sunscreen… dont look directly at the sun (I think we all learned that this week)… There will be food vendors around, but we recommend you stop by one of our MANY MANY WONDERFUL local restaurants in the area from The Dock to The Boathouse to Gresham’s to Downtown Hawley for lunch and dinner!  Stop at Gresham’s Ice Cream shop, or head down to Cocoon at the Silk Mill for incredible coffee!
    • You CAN buy an official Wally Lake Fest T-shirt this year, sold for $10 in the Visitor’s center!! And you can pick up a FREE WallyLakeFest sticker anywhere you can find them! 
  5. Please please please check out our sponsors!  If not for them we couldn’t organize and promote this great event year after year.  A special shout out to Lighthouse Harbor Marina, Silver Birches, Resorts and Lodges, and New Wave Marina among so many others.
  6. Most importantly, none of this would happen without the support and hosting of the Downtown Hawley Partnership!  Wally Lake Fest isn’t the only event hosted by them, check out Hawley Harvest Hoedown in October, Hawley Winterfest in December, and Hawley Earthfest in April!

We’ll see you ON THE LAKE!

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