Tour de Towpath, A Scenic Ride Along the Lackawaxen

The Lackawaxen River

The majestic Lackawaxen River runs through Pike County Pennsylvania.

This year’s ride will begin at the new Sawmill Cycles location in Hawley, across from the IGA,  with registration begining at 8:30am on Sunday, August 25th.  The 34-mile, round trip, journey will meander its way through scenic, forest-laden roads with the majority of the trek hugging the picturesque curves of the Lackawaxen River. Rider’s choice, when you reach the end of the journey near the historic Roebling Bridge in Lackawaxen you can opt to ride the 17 miles back to the lake or hop on the Sawmill shuttle for $10 per rider.  Bikes are rentable for $35.

Reservations are required for this event and must be made by 12pm on Friday, August 24th. To register and for more information, call 570-352-3444.

In 2010, the event planners for the first Wally Lake Fest anxiously awaited the weekend to commence, no one expected the tremendous turnout that was about to come. Much to every one’s pleasure and surprise, none more so than Dan and Jessica Corrigan, proprietors of Northeast Wilderness Experience and Sawmill Cycles, the community inspired a great turnout for the weekend. Dan and Jess were hosting the Tour de Towpath, a family-friendly, 17 mile bike tour along the stunning Lackawaxen River. Under little promotion and lots of uncertainty, the tour turned out nearly 40 rides of all ages and skill level.After a wash-out in 2011 thanks to the blustery hurricane Irene, the gang from Sawmill Cycles has been eagerly anticipating this year’s event. “The weather looks like it’s going to be outstanding for us and the interest level have been fantastic.” Dan Corrigan comments, “I think at this point we already have 40 riders signed up and we’ve got a few days left to go.”

The 2013 Tour de Towpath will give area residents and out-of-town adventure seekers a good taste of what Sawmill Cycles and NEWE have to offer. From kayaking, hiking and biking trips led by well-seasoned, professional guides to equipment rental, trial, purchase, maintenance and advice, the Corrigan’s offer an unrivaled level of experience and opportunity for the beginner looking to get outdoors to the ultimate adventurer.

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