Sunday Events of Wally Lake Fest ~ A 2010 Review

Wally Lake Fest concluded on Sunday, it was a bit quieter this day but those who came out enjoyed themselves again.  The two headliners for the day were the Art Extravaganza and the Tour de Towpath!  The Art Extravaganza took place at Ehrhardt’s Restaurant banquet hall, many artists from the entire northeast region came out to showcase their work.  The event was focused around a large art auction which raised a great amount of money and allowed beautiful pieces of art to trade at their expected value.

The Tour de Towpath was exceptional.  Sponsored and hosted by the Northeast Wilderness Experience, the ride started at the Visitor’s Center and traveled down some back roads finally landing on the Towpath Road that tightly hugs the curves of the rolling Lackawaxen River.  The ride ended near the Roebling Bridge in Lackawaxen and spanned the better part of 7 hours.  Riders were offered the opportunity to ride one way and pick up a shuttle at the end to bring them back to the Visitor’s Center.  It was another gorgeous day and the 40+ riders got a great workout and marveled in the beauty of the Lackwaxen.

The end came too soon for the weekend, there were too many events for some to sample it all, but on the other hand there could have been more.  After polling some of the patrons over the course of the weekend, the Wally Lake Fest committee was jazzed about planning the 2nd annual.  This year the committee expects even more participation from the community in support, events and sponsorship all enhancing the overall nature of Wally Lake Fest and strengthening the weekend as a major summer event for Lake Wallenpaupack and the Pocono Mountains.

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